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Managed IT Services

Mags IT Solutions is an MSP

MSP stands for ‘managed service provider’. Mags IT Solutions in Center Moriches & Westhampton, NY serves as an MSP to enable businesses to outsource their IT needs to our remote specialists. Signing up for our MSP services is a way to save your business money, free up your time, and allow you to focus on what’s important: growing your business.

Technology plays a crucial role in your company’s growth. As your company expands, you invest in more workstations, printers, and even a network server, but you shouldn’t have to spend what little free time you have by installing software updates, diagnosing computer and network issues, or performing preventative maintenance. Mags IT Solutions' managed IT service is the ideal way to take that weight off the shoulders of any business owner.


Coverage Under Our Managed IT Services

  • Remote monitoring:

    • Servers
    • Firewalls
    • Routers or switches

    • Active directory servers

  • Data management and backups to prevent data loss

  • Constant system status monitoring

  • Network security auditing

  • Patch and software update management

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Equipment monitoring

The Solution for Your Business

Small- and medium-sized companies don’t usually have the opportunity to employ full time IT specialists due to budget restrictions. Depending on the location, hiring an in-house specialist can cost over $100,000.


The MSP IT services by Mags IT Solutions provides a great alternative for small and medium sized companies that is efficient, flexible, and affordable. By taking care of your IT infrastructure, we can keep your team moving forward and help you avoid slowdowns and outages that would cripple your team's workday.

Our Commitment to Education

Technology changes frequently, which is why our staff pursues the latest training on servicing new technology. At Mags IT Solutions in Center Moriches & Westhampton, NY, our team works to stay not just up-to-date, but to stay state of the art.

With our MSP services, you can be confident our staff has the latest training and education.

And as you grow your business, our service can grow with you. We offer customized solutions for businesses of any size in order to make sure that thriving small businesses have more opportunity to expand with an IT team they can trust.

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